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The BMW Concept X4

Get a first glimpse of the new BMW Concept X4, and hear what its makers had to say about it.

Man locks keys in a Koenigsegg CCR

Having a multi-million dollar car doesn’t exactly mean you’ve got the brains to match, as this guy shall now demonstrate with his Koenigsegg CCR, and some metal wire.

Cool crashes and drifts at the Nordschleife

Go on. Take 10 minutes out of your busy day today, and enjoy a good laugh at some of the best moments around the Nürburgring Nordschleife last year.

BMW’s 2012 in review – Part 3

From motorsports, to just sports. Here’s BMW’s year in review highlighting its ‘extracurricular’ activity.

KTM gear up for the Dakar Rally

With the start of the 2013 Dakar Rally just days away the KTM Factory Team took a trip to the Peruvian Desert to finalize their preparations for the race. Cyril Despres talks about his expectations for this year’s Dakar.

Happy Birthday, Lewis Hamilton

In celebrating one of Formula One’s greatest drivers on the grid today, here’s a compilation of his best overtaking moves of his career. Do enjoy.

MINI attempts first-ever unassisted backflip

Can a MINI pull-off an unassisted backflip? Watch this daredevil driver attempt to pull it off in full John Cooper Works spirit.

BMW’s 2012 in review – Part 2

With the focus shifting to concepts and designs, BMW’s narrator, Daryl Jackson takes us through the likes of the Zagato Coupe, Concept 4 Series, and so many more exquisite cars of the year.

The Ford Focus ST Coast 2 Coast

Have a glimpse at the first fan-made commercial of the new Ford Focus ST from America. Do enjoy!

Farfus scares wife around the Nurburgring

Not too long ago, BMW works driver Augusto Farfus promised his wife a ride around the Nordschleife so that she could get a feel for what it was like to be her husband.

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Laughing Gas Episode 1: The Rush-Hour Battle

Welcome to our new PETRONAS PRIMAX-powered five-part web-video series, Laughing Gas! Our new video series is hosted by Daphne Iking and features TV host and actor, Razif Hashim and, Akedemi Fantasia famed singer and songwriter Vince Chong. The drivers are given weekly tasks to exhibit practical techniques that enhance fuel efficiency in everyday driving.

On top of educating Malaysians how to drive efficiently, Laughing Gas promises large doses of laugh. In each episode, drivers face challenges that focus on fuel-efficiency.  The losing driver is penalised to complete a ‘dare’, which he needs to perform at a Petronas station.

In the first episode of Laughing Gas, the two celebrities, Razif and Vince are required to race from the Jalan Maarof Petronas station in Bangsar to the Jalan Tun Razak Petronas station, in the heart of KL, during the morning rush hour.

Watch it to find out who wins and who gets penalised! Stay glued to Carlist.my for the next episode that will feature our own iCar Asia editors as well!

Seven Rules of Owning a Car: Here’s A Quick Checklist

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Owning a car sounds like an easy thing to do; you just get the keys to one, and drive it wherever, right? Wrong. There are loads of things to consider before you’re actually considered a responsible, safe and worthy owner of a car.

Here’s a quick guide for you to consider:

Knowing Your Road Rules:

While most drivers often study hard for their written driver’s license exam, it’s all often forgotten the moment they set a wheel out onto the road. Knowing what every road sign and white line is absolutely important to being a responsible driver, and to avoid getting a ticket for illegal driving manoeuvres like crossing over a double line.

Being financially stable

Before you even think about buying car, you need to know if you can really afford all the costs that go into owning one. After you’ve paid the price and have taken the keys to your new car, there are still plenty of costs to consider, like your car’s monthly instalment, regular maintenance services, insurance renewals, damage costs, broken parts that may need replacing, and all other things that come with owning a car. Anything could happen at any time with your car when you drive out on the road, so it’s always good to be financially prepared.

Knowing when to service your car

If you want your car to be properly functional and operable throughout the years, then be sure to keep track of all your servicing dates, and make sure to meet all your appointments. Once you know it’s time, head over to the mechanic and perform all the necessary checks and fixes. Delaying this can prove highly costly, so don’t procrastinate!


Give it some TLC

Be sure to give your car all the ‘tender, loving, care’ that it needs: from a good wash every few weeks to a wax or a polish ever so often. Keep your car looking new and fresh at all times, and you’ll be rewarded with a car that looks great, and will maintain its resale value much better when or if you plan to sell your car after a few years.

Keeping track of your insurance, road tax and drivers’ license

These may have very little to do with the actual action of driving a car, and it can also be one of the most tedious to monitor as they’re often out of sight every time you drive. And, not only is driving with an expired license or road tax illegal, they’ll also warrant a nasty fine from the authorities if you’re caught without the proper documentation.

Keeping an eye on your oil and tyres

Be sure to check all the liquids in your car are okay, and always have an eye out for the condition of your tyres. Oils (engine, transmission, brake) are absolutely crucial to your cars operation, while making sure your tyres are properly inflated constantly and have a good amount of thread on them is just as important. Get some initial help from your local mechanic or someone who’s familiar with these issues to learn what and where to look for problems.

Knowing your priorities

Owning and driving a car is a major responsibility. As a driver, we’re often responsible for the lives of the passengers we carry, and those around us on the road as well – one bit of carelessness is enough to end the lives of many. So how do we manage this? By knowing your priorities.

Arriving at your destination safely and without endangering the lives of others should be on top of your list of priorities – miles ahead of arriving at a location quickly, or faster than someone else. Always do everything you can within your abilities to take the safest measures possible, and never be too confident about your abilities on the road – accidents often happen to the best of us, even when we think we’re perfectly in control.