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VIDEO: The All-New 2014 BMW X4 Debuts In Malaysia!

BMW Malaysia has just launched its all-new 2014 BMW X4. Just months after the car was revealed worldwide, the Sports Activity Coupe many dub to be the “baby X6”, is finally amongst us, to take its place as the fifth ‘X’ vehicle in the local line-up. Check out more details HERE! 

VIDEO: Russ Swift Takes The All-New Subaru WRX For A Crazy Spin!

Russ Swift is a Guinness World Record breaker and an all around legend! He shows us a few of his favourite tricks in the All-New Subaru WRX and WRX STI! More on the price and specs of the Subaru WRX HERE! 

VIDEO: All-New 2014 Subaru WRX & WRX STI Launches in Malaysia – Priced at RM238K!

The all-new Subaru WRX and WRX STI is finally here in Malaysia! For more information on the price and specs, check out our launch report HERE! 

VIDEO: Five Things You Should Know About The All-New Honda Jazz!

Here are just a few things you should know about the all-new 2014 Honda Jazz! For more information on the all-new 2014 Honda Jazz, read about today’s Honda Jazz launch, Jazz test drive and more right here. To view current Honda Jazz listings on Carlist, click here.

VIDEO: 2014 All-New Honda Jazz Launches in Malaysia!

Get up close and personal with the all-new Honda Jazz! With three variants and price you can’t look passed! Don’t forget to check out Carlist.my‘s 2014 Honda Jazz Info Hub for everything you need to know about the all-new B-segmenter.  

VIDEO: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Launched in Thailand!

The Honda Accord 2.0-litre Hybrid has made its way to the shores of Thailand! More details on the car HERE! 

VIDEO: 2014 Volvo XC60 T5 Facelift Launched In Malaysia!

Volvo Car Malaysia has just unveiled its facelifted 2014 Volvo XC60 T5, which adopts a slightly new look, an RM12,000 reduced price tag, and the Swedish company’s very own all-new Drive-E engine, debuting for the first time in Malaysia. Bear in mind that the event photos you see here are inclusive of all optional accessories. More HERE! 

VIDEO: An Exclusive Look at the 2014 Porsche Macan Turbo

With only the Macan Turbo in town, we rung up the good people at SDAP and arranged to film a bit of a preview for you before the car gets its full launch in a few months’ time. So what you get here is the full-blown 3.6-litre turbocharged V6, equipped with all the available options SDAP will have to offer, 400hp and 550Nm of torque is on tap to burst the SUV to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds, all the while with the capacity to return a fuel consumption figure of 8.9-litres/100km.

VIDEO: 2014 Nissan Navara Global Reveal in Thailand!

Thanks to our colleagues at Autospinn – we get a glimpse of the grand unveiling of Nissan’s all-new Navara pickup truck at its world premiere in Bangkok today. More details on the all-new Nissan Navara, HERE!

VIDEO: 2014 Koenigsegg Agera S Hypercar Makes Its Way On To Malaysian Shores!

The 2014 Koenigsegg Agera S was launched here in Malaysia by Naza Swedish Motors for a stonking estimate of slightly under RM5mil (before taxes and duties, as you see it here). More details on the , HERE!

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2014 Volkswagen Jetta CKD Quick Review: An Overlooked German Gem?


German cars are renowned for their superior performance, innovation, quality and safety. And up until a few years back, the range of Germany’s finest sold officially in Malaysia commanded some seriously high prices to match.

Recently, we’ve begun to notice a new trend develop, with German marques continuing to work down the ladder to make cars that can be offered to a wider audience – not just society’s elite few.

Mercedes-Benz has done this, apparent in their all-new range of compact cars (A-Class, CLA-Class and GLA-Class). BMW Malaysia too, has slapped on a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine to their hit-making CKD F30 3 Series, and made it so much more accessible to buy at just RM209k.

But while that’s all well and appreciated, you can’t deny another German manufacturer’s attempt at it. And in this part of the world where cars typically cost as much as they do, your best bet for a proper German vehicle is often available onVolkswagen Group Malaysia’s catalogue.

Rather than take baby steps towards bridging typically-high German price tags and what we can actually afford, the ‘people’s’ carmaker has been working hard at its local-assembly projects; adding more variety of cars, spec-ing them just right, and making them more affordable in the process.

As a result, and for the first time here, you will always have a comparable German option for every B, C and D segment entry Japan has to offer.  And here, is their RM130,888 Volkswagen Jetta; primed for the C-segment, chiming in for just the sort of money asked of a Japanese Mazda 3. Continue Reading ›

Throwback Thursday: The 2001 Toyota Corolla Altis & Its Ground-Breaking VSC That Was

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Back in 2001, UMW Toyota wowed Malaysians with its ninth-generation Toyota Corolla Altis. Nearly 15 years ago, the Corolla Altis had a very different image in the eyes of the general public. Far from being a conservative car aimed at ‘uncles,’ the ninth-gen Corolla Altis was the car that many young executives aspired to own.

It upstaged the Honda Civic, which had a reputation for being a boy-racer’s car which was said to be a poor choice choice for one’s professional image. The Corolla Altis on the other hand, looked very different from anything else in its class, and projected a mature and sophisticated image.


In fact, the Corolla Altis was so popular that it soon became a victim of its own success – the strong demand for the car also pushed it to become the No.1 target for car theft syndicates.

At that time, the Corolla Altis was the most technologically-sophisticated car in its class.

It was the first in its segment to feature electronic stability control, or as Toyota calls it – Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). In fact, it was also the first locally-assembled car in the country to come with the feature!

Up until then, the feature was limited to only luxury cars like the BMW 3 Series.

VSC was a big deal for Toyota and its local distributor, UMW Toyota, even commissioned a television commercial touting the feature. Titled ‘Stuntman,’ the commercial is still fondly remembered by many, even to this day.

Under the hood, the Corolla Altis’ innovative ways continued. Where the Civic had to make do with a 1.7-litre VTEC engine, the Corolla Altis was powered by a more powerful, more advanced 1.8-litre ZZ-series engine and featured VVT-i technology, which was superior to Honda’s VTEC technology as Toyota’s VVT-i continuously adjusted the intake valve’s opening and closing throughout the engine’s rev range. Honda’s system (at that time) only worked at the upper-end of the engine’s rev range.

Inside, the Corolla Altis featured an Optitron back-lit instrument display. Up until this time, the Optitron feature was only available in Lexus vehicles, let alone other vehicles in its class. So you can imagine what a big leap over the competition the Corolla Altis was.

Its four-speed automatic transmission featured Super-ECT electronic control technology and had two shift programmes the driver could choose from – Power and Economy. The gear shift lever also featured a ‘gated’ shift pattern, which up until this time, was only commonly seen in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

VSC, 1.8-litre VVT-i engine, Optitron display, Super-ECT and gated shifter – all these add up to give the ninth-generation Corolla Altis a big leap over its peers.

At that time, the range-topping Corolla Altis 1.8G was sold at around RM122,000, quite a lot of money in those days, but the high price didn’t deter buyers.

Sadly, the success of the ninth generation model was not kept up with the subsequent model. Soon, Honda countered with its awesome FD-series Civic sedan and the tables were turned on the Corolla Altis, which over the course the year lost its appeal as an innovative car and became synonymous with mediocrity.

For various reasons, Toyota has since retreated from its position of offering the most advanced safety features in its class.

Nearly 15 years ago, VSC was only offered in the highest range Corolla Altis 1.8G. Today, there is still no improvement in fitment of VSC across a wider range Toyota vehicles. VSC is still only limited to the highest range Corolla Altis 2.0V model, even though the feature is now widely available in many lower range cars on the market, nevermind its peers from the same segment.

On the upside, the current generation Corolla Altis looks really good, drives and rides very well too. Pity that it no longer challenges its peers like its predecessor two-generations before used to.

This article first appeared on our sister-site LiveLifeDrive.com.