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Proton To Dabble In Direct-Injection & More Turbo Power Next?

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In a recent discussion with Proton’s chief technical officer, Abdul Rashid Musa, he revealed to us that apart from theelectric/ hybrid power potential of the Iriz we reported on earlier, and the likely R3 Iriz to come, rolling out new internal combustion engines is high on the carmaker’s to-do list – particularly direct-injection and forced-induction mills were given the nod.

Speaking about the future of Proton’s powertrain developments, the technical chief seemed keen to remind us of its long-done deal with Petronas, which saw Proton purchase not only a set of Petronas’ engines, but also 117 patents and seven engine technologies.

The deal for this took place some two years ago, with Proton wanting to continue where Petronas left off when they decided to leave the business of co-developing the engines in 2010.

Fast forward to today, and the current buzz around Proton has brought about new rumours of what could come, with Rashid himself nodding in approval when asked if direct-injection mills, along with turbocharged petrol and diesel were actual possibilities.

He also mentioned that all of these new engines would achieve sub-6.0-litre/100km (16.6km/litre) fuel-consumption figures, something which the Iriz’s new VVT engine came very close to during our recent media drive.

Proton To Team Up With Indonesia To Produce An Asean Car?

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak met with Joko Widodo within hours after Indonesia’s seventh president was sworn in and discussions between the two premiers led to an idea of a possible collaboration to produce an “Asean car”.

The project was well received by the newly-appointed Indonesian president and our national car maker, Proton Holdings Bhd, is said to be involved in the project.

At this stage, nothing is absolutely concrete yet but if Proton and Indonesia do decide to launch the Asean car project, it will require a feasibility study before it can be made viable.

With Proton’s launch of its most recent model, the Iriz, we expect a shared platform to be utilised in the Asean car.

This story first appeared on Live Life Drive.

VIDEO: How Important Are ESC And ABS Systems? Let Bosch & The Proton Iriz Demonstrate

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We’ve told you a lot in the past about the importance of active safety systems like electronic stability control, traction control, ABS, and more. But if our words haven’t delivered the right impact with this yet, here’s a video that demonstrates what having these safety features means.

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Proton To Introduce Hotter, Turbo Variant Of The All-New Iriz In 2015?

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It’s all a bit tight-lipped at the moment, but word is that Proton could launch a much hotter variant of the all-new 2014 Iriz come next year. Very little was said, but the casual drops of information by Proton’s chief technical officer, Abdul Rashid Musa, to us over lunch at the recent media test drive of the Iriz, suggests that the idea will very likely come to fruition in 2015.

Rashid vaguely mentioned things like the expected new wheels and body bits, and even emphasised a manual transmission for the driving enthusiast. Most excitingly, however, he even mentioned to us the possibility of a new 1.3-litre turbocharged engine packaged into the line as well, taking the car beyond just a fancy bodykit. Could these be the trappings of a Proton R3 Iriz?

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2014 Proton Iriz Quick Review To Penang: Turning Over More Than A Few Leaves

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It’s an open and mutual feeling that Proton has a lot on their shoulders for this one. In what the national carmaker believes is the dawn of a new era for itself, the 2014 Proton Iriz is here with a heavy burden on its shoulders: to reignite the spark within the company, and in their closer sights, claim back some of the market share Perodua’s Myvi holds on to so dearly.

At its official launch, and preceding preview event, we were quite impressed with everything we could see and touch about the Proton Iriz. Crucially, it had a price range that directly put all of its variants in contention with the Perodua’s Myvi line-up, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Road Transport Department Takes Action Against Uber Drivers

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A few weeks ago, Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has said that the ridesharing service, Uber was deemed illegal. It seems like the authorities are now beginning to act on this with action taken on five vehicles and their owners. This comes after the start of Ops Teksi Uber 2014.

According to the Malay Mail Online, a source from the Road Transport Department (RTD) said out of the five vehicles, one was a private vehicle while the remaining four were hire-and-drive cars being investigated for misuse.

The private vehicle driver received a summon and could face an additional fine between RM1,000 and RM10,000 with the possibility of prison time. The Honda Accord used was also seized for 30 days pending further investigation.

The four commercial hire-and-drive vehicles were returned to their respective owners with their documents seized and handed over to the SPAD.

Ops Teksi Uber 2014 was launched earlier this month (October 1) and managed by a team of 30 personnel made up of enforcers from the RTD, SPAD and the police.

This story first appeared on Live Life Drive.