Hyundai Changes The Way You Open Your Boot… Again

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Hyundai has just introduced an updated version of its Santa Fe SUV, offering a revised electronic steering, a retuned suspension and a new Hands-Free Smart Liftgate.

Starting with the automatically-opening liftgate, and you can take those words literally: rather than have to swipe your feet under the car or use any hand gestures, Hyundai’s solution simply opens the liftgate if you stand there long enough with your key fob on you. You may want to be a lot more careful about where you stand with your key fob, in the future.

If you may have previously noted a steering too void of feeling, Hyundai’s electric power steering system has benefitted from a new 32-bit microprocessor which addresses this. Hyundai is keen to point out that its ‘Sport’ mode is a lot firmer than before.

To suspension matters, and both ends of the car is treated. The front benefits from retuned front wheel bushings, and increased wheel bearing and lower control arm bushings have been added to improve ride qualities. Hyundai also tells us that the rear suspension has also been tuned, but it wasn’t specified to what extent.


Powering the US-market Hyundai Santa Fe is still a carried forward range of engines, including a two naturally-aspirated engines (2.4-litre four-pot, 3.3-litre V6), and a turbocharged 2.0-litre option. You get these paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is available in the States in two wheelbase lengths (2,700mm and 2,800mm) as either a five- or seven-seater. In Malaysia, it’s the shorter wheelbase for us, with seven seats.

Just How Fast Is A Mazda 6 SkyActiv-D 2.2L For FIA Records To Tumble?

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Still subject to the FIA’s thorough approval (homoglation) processes, Mazda has just achieved quite a massive feat with its range of SkyActiv diesel engines – breaking 20 FIA speed records with its Mazda 6 SkyActiv-D 2.2: a car just like the one we recently tested in Malaysia.

With the general premise being that diesel-powered vehicles have poor high speeds, Mazda sought to prove the world otherwise in a 24-hour test took place at the ATP oval test track in Papenburg, Germany, with 23 participating drivers from seven EU countries – including professionals, journalist and car enthusiasts.

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Snap a Picture; Get 6 Months of Malaysian EVO Delivered or FREE!

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Have you ever stopped to wonder just how different your life would be if you don’t have your car? Those memorable journeys that you made with your friends and family, the comfort and warmth it cocoons you with as you brave the heat and storms of everyday commute, or helping you offer a seat to your first date and a place to sit your newest addition to your family?

Cars, to us at Malaysian EVO, are more than just a tool to get from one place to the other. They are the very creation that extends our freedom and our mobility in the physical realm; without which, we wouldn’t have been able to explore places, we wouldn’t have been able to expand the very fringes of our cities, and connecting between cities, and ultimately, bringing people together.

In a celebration for cars, and in the spirit of ‘The Thrill of Driving’, we at Malaysian EVO would like to announce that from now on, you can reward yourself with a 6-month subscription of Malaysian EVO magazine for FREE with the “EVO Love Your Car Challenge”.

All you need to do to sign yourself up for the 6-month subscription is follow three simple steps:

  1. Log on to, and like Malaysian Evo’s Facebook Page
  2. Snap a picture of yourself standing beside your car
  3. Send the picture through Facebook Private Message and tell us when you bought your car

And that’s it, no additional fees, and no delivery costs. Send in your picture and you will be rewarded with six months of Malaysian EVO magazine delivered to your doorstep for FREE. And trust us, you’ll love your car even more after this.

Evo October Cover

Nissan Teases Compact SUV For Brazil, Again: Here’s A Clearer Look

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Just a few days prior to its global debut at the coming Sao Paolo Motor How (October 28), Nissan has released a second teaser image (first here) of what appears to be a compact SUV – similarly sized with a Ford EcoSport, and rumoured to be either the next-gen Nissan Juke, or an entirely new vehicle for the company’s range. Time will tell.

As yet, the Nissan doesn’t offer a compact SUV in Brazil, and according to a report by our friends over at, the Japanese manufacturer is keen to capitalise on the country’s growing demand for affordable high-riding vehicles such as this.

Could this be something to look forward to in Malaysia? That’s not something anyone can guess right now. Looking around the country, we’ve seen Ford (SDAC) and Peugeot (Nasim) already launched its Ford EcoSport and Peugeot 2008 compact SUVs respectively, while Honda Malaysia too will be launching its HR-V/ Vezel here sometime next year (2015).

Aspiring Racers, Here’s Your Chance To Separate Yourself From The Amateurs

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Audi TT cup

One-make racing series is a wonderful thing. A bunch of racers being competitive in cars which are similar in terms of power and performance where the only thing that separates the victors from the rest of the pack is the skill of the individual racer him or herself.

In fact, there is no shortage of choices as well. Lamborghini has its Super Trofeo, Porsche has the Supercup and so on. Now, Audi wants to join in on the action by taking its third-generation Audi TTS coupe and giving it a racing persona of its own. The racer will be part of the Audi Sport TT Cup and will be held in Germany and neighbouring countries as part of the DTM championship starting from 2015.

The racing version of the Audi TT will receive its power from a 2-litre turbo four pot providing 310hp. There will also be a push-to-pass function ala Formula 1’s KERS boost which briefly boosts the output of the TFSI engine by 30hp. In a car that weighs only 1,125 kilogrammes, it’s going to be quick.

As part of racing, the car receives a lot of changes inside and out with a bodykit and large spoiler. The stripped-out interior with bucket seats, racing steering wheel and roll-cage further adds to the race-spec car.

Other changes include an active differential that is electronically variable from the driver’s cockpit to improve traction at the front axle.

The Audi Sport TT Cup will only field 24 cars with six being allocated for changing guest drivers. The remaining 18 cars however, are open to drivers interested to take up the challenge. Participants will receive coaching from professional racing driver Markus Winkelhock.

Those interested can check out the official site of the Audi Sport TT Cup.

Who Sends A Nearly Stock Truck To Asia’s Most Gruelling 4×4 Challenge?

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Isuzu makes pickup trucks that are tough. How tough they are is reflected in their yearly participation of Asia’s most gruelling 4×4 challenge, the Borneo Safari. The 2014 edition of the event brings the Japanese automotive maker back to the jungles of Borneo on October 26 for the eighth time.

Being a Diamond Sponsor for the event, Isuzu will pair up with the Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) to bring a little prestige to the event, now entering its 24th edition.

Isuzu Malaysia will be providing the official media car for the event by preparing a unit of the new Isuzu D-MAX V-Cross 3.0. The V-Cross 3.0 will receive minimal modifications including an air snorkel, off-road tyres, heavy duty side steps, and a winch to help it adapt to the harsh conditions it will face in the jungle.

The 24th Borneo Safari is an event spanning eight days beginning in Kota Kinabalu on October 26, 2014. Participants will go on a challenging loop of central Sabah which includes a stop at the diversely-challenging highland terrain in the Imbak Canyon Conservation Centre.

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