RON97 price increased by 20 cents

By 2 years ago

Yes folks, there’s another RON97 petrol price increase again. Effective March 7th, 2013, the RON97 petrol prices will be at RM2.90 per litre, which is a 20 cents increase from the previous rate.

The last revision of the petrol price took effect early this year (January 10th) when the RON97 price went down 5 cents from RM2.75 to RM2.70.

On a brighter side, prices for RON95 and diesel, which are subsidised by the government allowance, will not be changed.

Pricing for the RON97 petrol is under a managed float, causing it to rise or fall depending on market forces. RON95 petrol, on the other hand, is subsidised and regulated, which enables the price to maintain at its current RM1.90 per litre.

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