Road tips: Listening to music while driving can kill you

By 2 years ago

Do you listen to music while you drive? If yes, the stats show that you’re more likely to run into a crash than someone who doesn’t. Find out more and how you can prevent it below.

Any music listener would agree that there’s no place more fun for music than while you are on the road. When you are on the move, you seem to flow with the music. But there’s the catch! Roads are not made for your music flow; neither traffic, nor other drivers or pedestrians.

Research shows that one of the biggest hazards involved in rash driving is loud music being played in vehicles. The rush of adrenalin as the music notes vary and go higher, and the driver’s trying to mimic the singer’s/musician’s actions often end up either on the curb or at the tail of the front car.

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In recent years, with the advancement of better and louder music systems in the cars, researchers have focused on the effects of loud music-listening while driving. Drivers listening to loud music have twice the chances of car crashes than those who listen to music at normal hearing levels. Loud music in the car also drowns the other noises which are so very necessary while driving. The sound of your own car, other vehicles on the road, emergency vehicles with their sirens, and several other vital audible signals are muffled under loud music.

If volume is not a matter, the type of music in the car is another issue jeopardizing your safety on the road while driving. Fast music is another nuisance for drivers. Fast music has the magic of overpowering human mind and making even the meekest ones tap their feet in public. The private space of the car sometimes allows people to listen to the kind of music they can’t play at other places. Most of the times when drivers are pulled over for over-speeding, the traffic police officers find fast music as one of the dominant factors. Drivers confess: “I was just driven away by the music”, “Oh, this thing on the radio just pushed my pedal (accelerator)!” and other stuff like that.

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So, next time you hit the road, remember to check if the type of music you are listening to while driving is a friend or foe!

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