Everyday things that can ruin your car

By 2 years ago

Learn to avoid common mistakes that car users tend to do and save money on maintenance expenses. This small guide will remind you to avoid these costly mistakes.

1. Forgetting the parking brake

The parking brake is a little pedal near your left leg which is hardly used but extremely valuable. If you don’t use the parking brake when parking on an incline or a steady ground, the stress on your car will be passed on to your transmission. Reminding yourself to use this parking brake will release the stress off the transmission and prolong the life of your car’s transmission. Don’t forget to unfasten before driving again!

2. Not changing engine oil

Simply remember to change your oil every 5,000 miles at most. Changing the oil frequently can double the life time of the car and increase its performance.

3. Washing the engine with high pressure water

The modern engine is intricate because it is made of sensitive sensors, harnesses and components. It is not suitable for a jet of high pressure water. You can use a garden hose to wash it down but don’t use high water pressure to cleanse the engine.

4. Listen to your car

The sounds that your car makes indicate what needs to be fixed. Ignoring these sounds can put your life at risk. For instance, squealing brakes means new pads are needed and scraping metal means new rotors are required. This is a common issue and reacting to these sounds by sending your car to the repair shop makes a huge difference.

5. Starting your car the wrong way

Switching off your radio, wipers and other accessories will reduce the wear and tear on the engine when starting the car. Switching off these accessories ensure your engine doesn’t work as hard.

By abiding by these simple factors, your car will be in good condition and reduces your visits to a repair shop for maintenance. More significantly, this will ensure the lives of your passengers’ and yourself are safeguarded from preventable dangers.

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