Guide: Mistakes to avoid when buying a used car

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Investing in a new car is a grand decision, but buying a second-hand car can easily  just as interesting. However, it may require some buyer research to ensure that the investment in a used car is as worth the while as a new car. In aiding your decision making process, here’s our list of common mistakes you should avoid when buying a used car.

1. Choosing a specific model: Do you really need that Porsche?

You may be tempted into buying a model or a make that’s specific to your interest; for example, a classic Porsche that is finally within your reach. However, the car that you have in mind might deter you from getting a car that could probably fit you better. Primarily, identify your needs before deciding to buy a used car. Do you have a family? If so, then you might want to reconsider your Porsche for an SUV; maybe a Cayenne? Try to compare different cars and think of your actual needs before making a decision to buy a used car.

2. Skipping the research

Research matters especially when it comes to buying a used car. You should always check out your intended car purchase via car reviews available online, or even dig deeper into the finer details of such a car’s history to know if it has been into any accidents, endured floods or even been black listed by the JPJ. Always remember that research spent on used cars is just as important, or even more important, than when buying a new car.

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3. Managing your budget

An extensive check will be rewarding when looking at the value of a second-hand car. Various cars and models have different resale values. Please ensure that you know the resale value of your preferred car , so that you can avoid spending a substantial amount of money on an overpriced used car that won’t sell at a decent price later.

Prior to meeting with a car dealer, ensure that  your financials are balanced so that you can arrange the suitable financing terms and avoid agreeing to higher interest rates.

4. Forgetting a mechanic’s inspection

Apart from doing your research, never buy a used car based on its face value. Despite its good exterior, there may be hidden damage that can result in unnecessary repair and maintenance costs. When considering a used car, it is recommended to have a trusted mechanic check out the vehicle, inside and out, to see if the vehicle is actually in decent condition. A mechanic may also identify internal damages such as an exhausted engine or previous crash damage that you might have overlooked.

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5. Avoiding the test drive

It is important that you take your prefered used car for a test drive. By doing this, you can gauge on the performance of the car and the feel of the car when driving on different roads. Though the look is excellent from the outside, it might not run smoothly on bumpy terrain. Please consider taking time for a test drive to best ensure the safety of the car.

6. Ignoring the fine details

After all the inspections are done and all the finances are assured, you’ve decided to buy your car. And then, within a few kilometres of driving, you find that the power windows don’t work anymore. You take it to the mechanic and find out that the window’s motor is damaged. In the next few days, you can’t turn on your headlights.

With all that, just within the first few days of owning your used car, you would have already spent an extensive amount on repair and maintenance. Always be sure to check a used car thoroughly to avoid unnecessary costs upon buying it.

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7. Ignoring the safety features

Safety features in cars have become more comprehensive over the years. New cars are now filled with all kinds of gadgetry to keep you and your passengers safe; reverse cameras, six airbags, ABS, ESC, EBD, you name it.

But that doesn’t mean older cars don’t come equipped with the same of the same safety devices. Airbags have been fitted to cars since before we can remember, and reverse sensors have long been around before reverse cameras got to production.

Be sure to find a car that has as many safety features for modern-world driving and safekeep your passengers with your used-car purchase!

8. Failure to compare the prices

The methods used for buying used cars have changed since the advent of the Internet. You can now go to to make comparisons between almost every available car out there. So while you can do this as easily as possible, why not, right? Go on then. Take your time, compare your prices, find the kind of car that will work for you, and pay the best possible price for it; no more!

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