Proton Exora Bold CFE Standard at RM69,000 (OTR)

By 2 years ago

 has recently, and rather quietly released its standard variant of 2012 Exora Bold CFE. The 2012 Exora Bold CFE Standard will act as the baseline model for the 2013 Exora MPV with the turbocharged CFE engine.

Being a baseline model, some of its features and creature-comforts are inevitably omitted, but the selling price of the 2012 Exora Bold CFE (RM69,000 OTR with insurance) is about RM10k cheaper than the premium variant (RM80,012)!

Packed with a CVT gearbox, the 2012 Exora Bold CFE Standard uses the same 1.6 litre turbocharged CFE engine which is also found in the Premium model. The powerplant produces 138hp at 5000rpm and 205Nm of torque from 2000-4000rpm.

Thankfully, the Standard’s safety equipment level is the same as you’d get in the Premium, with ABS, EBD and two airbags as standard. Standard uses rear drum brakes instead of the discs found in the Premium. Also missing in the Standard are steering wheel with audio control, cruise control, reverse camera, front fog lamps, rear spoiler and reverse sensor. Seriously, , wing mirrors with turn indicators can be standard, but no reverse sensors for an MPV?

The exterior door handles, tailgate finishing and wing mirrors are unpainted/in their default black colour to further differentiate Standard and Premium variant.

It seems like a bargain for a seven-seater MPV with a turbocharged engine selling at under RM70k. But the reverse sensor has to be a standard item and the horrendous looking wheel caps have just got to go.

Figures for the PROTON EXORA BOLD CFE (Standard)

  • PRICE: RM69,000 OTR with insurance
  • CAR TYPE: MPV (seven-seater)
  • ENGINE: 1.6-litre turbocharged CFE
  • POWER: 138hp at 5000rpm/ 205Nm of torque from 2000-4000rpm
  • PROS: Good safety, seven-seater under RM70k, good fuel-economy
  • CONS: No reverse sensors, ugly wheel caps

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