The Cheapest MPV in Malaysia

By 4 years ago

In recent years, many families had opted to purchase a MPV, thus making MPV a favourite among those that have a big family. Before the launching of the two favourites MPV and Produa MPV, the cheapest MPV was introduced into the market, which is the Chana Era CM8. It is believed to be the cheapest MPV throughout Malaysia. This vehicle had been in the market for several years now, and before the end of 2005, there are news stating that an agreement was sealed between a company and CM8’s producer, ChangAn Auto to have the car assembled locally; and it turns out that the company mentioned was a sub company under Berjaya Group called Changan Berjaya Auto Sdn Bhd.

Chana Era Cm8 was assembled locally by Oriental Assemblers which is situated in Johor, and had become one of the sole vehicles produced by the company that were introduced here in Malaysia. This car is said to comprise around 40% of local content and some even suggest that it looks somewhat like the Suzuki ER-V. the funny thing is that it happens to be that Suzuki is one of the partner of ChangAn in China. Chana Era CM8 is 3.8 meters long and its biggest selling point is that it has the lowest selling price among the MPV sold here in Malaysia with a price tag of RM 38,888 OTR with insurance for its cheapest model, and the most expensive model will be around RM45, 000.

Chana Era CM8 is built on the monocoque chassis which is of the finest and most superior method in car building history somewhat like building an aircraft. Such building structure gives passenger and driver the comfort of handling and cruising while they are in the car. The car’s built up is similar to a van with a van like engine position. Equipped with 2 sliding doors at both sides of the vehicle, it gives comfort for passenger to enter and exit the car effortlessly. Passenger that is seated at the second and third row will have the comfort of enjoying the air-con during a sunny day as there are air-con blowers located under the ceiling of the car. There are two types of Chana Era CM8, the standard and the premium ones. The key difference of both cars are the ABS brakes, the stereo radio that has single disc CD player, speakers, a power steering and the 14 inches allow wheel which can only be seen in a premium Chana Era CM8. However, only the front 2 doors are equipped with power windows. The maintenance of the car is said to be low, thus making it the cheapest MPV here in Malaysia.

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  1. nearest dealer to tampin n. s. ?

  2. Had been looking for this car! Saw it but couldn’t view it’s make or manufacturer. Dug around the www to find this & you’re the 1st that gave me the answer. Thx.

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