Car CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) – An exact Advantage

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Considering the high rate of car theft in Malaysia, installing a Car CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) would give you peace of mind. It will also give you the advantage of monitoring your car anytime of the day and have solid evidence when you get involved into an accident. As I searched for products such as this over the internet, it seems that most of them come from UK. Such organizations are Falcon World Class Security, Digital Direct Security, and Live Vehicle CCTV.

Although I am unsure of the current status of this industry here in Malaysia, this technology gives great advantage to people in protecting their vehicles. Features include live image transfer using 3G mobile network. This means you could access/see the images inside and outside your car using cameras installed, either through your mobile phone or laptop. These images can also be recorded using an SD Video Recorder. This is very useful during insurance claims on accidents. This gives you the chance to prove your claims. The video recorded will show what actually happened at the scene of the mishap.

Car CCTV is very useful for businesses as well. Take for instance if you have fleet of vehicles and Lorries. Installing rear view cameras will prevent accidents that are caused by reversing Lorries. Reverse Cameras will give optimal view of the rear area of Lorries that are moving in reverse direction. Considering the fact that these areas could not be seen when you are driving a Lorry.

It also improves business by being able to monitor employees and the vehicle itself. The goods carried by the vehicle can be seen during the entire duration of the trip. The cameras are installed in various locations of the vehicle such as the rear plate, rear view mirror and front view of the driver. Additional cameras can be installed depending on the client’s needs.

Most of this Car CCTV is included with optional GPS Location Tracking Module that provides real time location, speed and other information.

Installing a CAR CCTV on your vehicle provides peace of mind and advantages not only for regular car owners but for people with fleet of vehicles used in logistics and other businesses. This provides safety and effective cost management that result in increase of revenue


Imagine how safer our environment would be if all public busses are equipped with reverse cameras?

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  1. Where can i install this? Is it able to record ppl scracthing the car?

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