How you can prolong the life span of your tyres

By 4 years ago

Even though petrol is considered cheap in Malaysia, most drivers still find the recent rise in price hurting. The price of RON 97 has increased almost monthly for the past few months. Now, as the cost of rubber surges, tyres add more burden to Malaysia’s drivers. So, the longer the life span of your tyres, the more you can spend on other things.

So how do you prolong your tyre life span?

The easiest way is to practice good driving habits. Sudden acceleration, brake, or turn makes your tyres wear out much faster than it should be. These bad practices consume more petrol than usual as well. Avoid potholes and objects on the road as well as driving over them damages your tyres. Another useful advice would be to avoid speeding. Speeding produces heat on your tyre and causes them to wear out faster. Besides, if you don’t speed, you save on fines for speeding, lower the risk of car accident, and save on petrol too.

Maintaining the tyre pressure is important as well. Not only did maintaining the tyres extend their life span, you also get to drive safer and improve your fuel efficiency. Not sure about the right tyre pressure for your vehicle? You can check them in your vehicle hand book.

You will find small stones and dirt stuck on the surface of your tyre once in a while. Clean them up. The life span of your tyres will be shorter otherwise. Do you know that every time we brake, our tyres are bombarded by brake dust (tiny metallic particles)? Those brake dust will bake onto the surface of the tyres as they are hot and eventually become visible as grimy black film. Take this problem seriously. The corrosion process speeds up if you left them alone. So, buy a wheel cleaner to deal with them and do this every few weeks.

Finally, try to avoid uneven wear on your tyres because it will affect handling and shorten the tyres’ life span. Tyre rotation helps in this matter. It is better to consult your car manufacturer for the rotation frequency and patterns. If you are going to replace your tyres, remember to replace all of them. If replacing all tyres is not possible, then replace the two front tyres and rear tyres in pairs.

Take care of your tyres well means safe driving and less replacing cost. So, spend some time on it!

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