Inspira – Better than Lancer?

By 5 years ago

The Star reported that is confident with the new released Inspira to be better than the Mitsubishi’s Lancer that was released more than four years ago. How true is that? Let’s take a look at the ’s arguments.

Firstly, claimed that their engineers who received their trainings in Lotus, ’s subsidiary company, had improved the suspension system of the not so suspended Lancer. Yes, the msn auto side does review the “not so suspended” issue with Lancer, and ruled it as the major flaw of the car, but Lancer had no problem taking a corner. I guess is good at taking the smallest flaw to promote its improvements over the years.

Lancer users also reported some minor problems with vibrations and noises in the past, thus had taken into action the improvements of Lancer in this area. How good would that be, we do not know, but based upon the technologies used in Wira and the previous models, a lot of people are doubtful that it would work.

reported that, Inspira, being a venturing project with Mitsubishi, had obtained the green lights from the counterpart on the improvements that were implemented. They even claimed that Mitsubishi had sent their engineers to monitor the work done in the Shah Alam’s production line.

Some may ask “can I use Lancer’s parts on my Inspira?” With some modification they may, but certainly not on their own, since reviewed that they did have some modifications to make the body gap of the Inspira smaller compared to the Lancer.

How true are the claims made by ? One will only find out once they experience it.

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